Who We Are


With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and sourcing in China we are uniquely positioned to be your hassle-free solution for your LED display needs.   Since we partner with the very best local installers and technicians we provide both neighborhood service and global value.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a way for you to amaze your audiences with the highest quality product at a price that is affordable.  We love working with organizations that are budget conscience.  Nobody will beat our quality for our price.

Latest Technology

New Day LED is proud to carry the latest and most up to date equipment.  With features such as tool-less installation, magnetic module design, high levels of resolution, and light weight panels, you know you are getting the best products in the market



New Day LED Systems is part of the New Day Creations LLC family.  Byron (American) and Lijun (Chinese) have been partners since 1995.  It’s New Day’s core value to pay employees a fair wage, provide safe working conditions, and offer helpful training for employees in finance, marriage, parenting and other meaningful life classes. Our employees tell their stories which confirms we are living our values.  The company began by creating and manufacturing a variety of products for the gift market.  We continue to produce those items but have branched out into LED displays.  We’re an American owned company based in Beijing with an office and showroom in Oklahoma.


Other Projects We Are Part Of

In keeping with the original goal to improve people’s lives, New Day has expanded into additional forms of outreach:

New Day Foster Home

New Day Creations

New Day Community Center